Meet Skandinavisk Hemslöjd

Founded in Stockholm in 1995 by Ulla Persson and Anna Linderholm, Skandinavisk Hemslöjd's initial focus was on the promotion of hand-painted and custom products in wood and textiles. Today, the designers still work with craftsmen throughout Scandinavia to bring their ideas to life. Through their work, they protect old crafts traditions and put quality first.

We have selected from their handcrafted collections traditional wooden utensils made from juniper wood. We know you will appreciate them for their beauty, the craftsmanship involved in the inlaid handles and the natural feel they will bring to your kitchen and table.

Juniper wood is naturally antiseptic and will not absorb or transfer flavour or odour, which makes it ideal for cooking. And while it will not transfer odour, it has a very distinctive smell of its own which is very pleasant to have around.