Meet Novoform

Silkeborg, Denmark - 56°10' N 09°32' E

Novoform is a Danish design agency built on Scandinavian design traditions. Their aim is to keep things simple and to develop desirable products that are worth keeping for a long time.

"Well designed products are better for the environment and cheaper in the long run. This is the kind of products we live and breathe for at Novoform."

Its founder, Kristian Jakobsen, designed his first product, the CandleCan candle holder in late 2013.This initial design evolved into a first full collection that launched in August 2014 and was the foundation for Novoform.

The designer draws his inspiration from everyday life, great people and the beauty of nature; also using distant memories of childhood travels in Scandinavia to further this inspiration. He strives to make multi-purpose designs wherever it makes sense.

He is joined by Bjarne Urhammer, an architect and designer, that has created the beautiful Flight lamp collection for the brand and more recently by young talented designers who contributed to  a new furniture collection.

Meipel Blog Meet Novoform Sparrows Multi
Oak Sparrows - Photo by Novofom
Meipel Blog Meet Novoform Bjarne Urhammer
Bjarne Urhammer - Photo by Novofom