About Bristle Materials

The brushes we offer in our kitchen and bath collections are made entirely of natural materials. The Swedish company that designs and fabricates them selects the fibres based on their specific qualities and their suitability for the chosen application.

Animal hair is usually softer and a better choice for personal hygiene products while vegetable fibres are stiffer and best suited for cleaning and scrubbing. Please don't worry when you see goat hair or horse hair in a product description, no animals were hurt in the process. Even they need a haircut once in a while.

Horse hair

Meipel Bristles Materials - Horse HairThere are two types of horse hair: hair from the tail, which is strong and elastic and hair from the mane, which is softer but has limited elasticity. To obtain good quality material, the hair is gathered from a live animal. Hair from dead animals lack lustre and elasticity, so there is no need to worry when you order your next brush: the horse it came from is still alive and healthy. Each year, a horse can donate 500-600 g of hair. Horse hair is mostly used in bath brushes, washing brushes and pastry brushes. It is excellent for bathing brushes as it is soft and pliable, but also durable.


Meipel Bristles Materials - BassineBassine is a natural fibre that is extracted from dried palm leaves. Also called palmyra fiber, it comes from the palmyra palm Borassus Flabelliformis. The fibres are brownish in colour and are both durable and water resistant. It is good in applications where stiff scrubbing is required. Bassine fibres are usually blended with other plant material to form a union mixture.


Meipel Bristles Materials - TampicoTampico fibre is also known as white fibre or Mexican fibre. It is extracted from the leaves of specific species of agave (Agaves Sisalana and Agave Foreyodes) which grow mainly in northern Mexico. The natural colour of tampico range from cream to green, but can sometimes be seen in black and brown. Tampico can be used on its own for making yard brooms, nail brushes and stiffer bath brushes. It is also mixed with softer fibres to give them a little extra scrubbing power. Like other plant-based material it is water-resistant.

Union mixture

Bristles Materials - Union mixture

Union mixture is a blend of plant material that is both hardy and resilient. It contains tampico and bassine fibres which produce brushes that are water-resistant and perfect for vegetable brushes, scrubbing brushes and deck brushes.