Meet Lovi - From the Forests of Finland

Jääli, Finland | 65°04'N 25°38'E

Back in 2001, Anne Paso wanted to create a wooden bauble for Christmas trees as an alternative to plastic ones. Working on her first designs she quickly realized that most of the fun was piecing it together. That inspired her to create a new type of joint, making the ornament similar to a 3D puzzle.

Today, Lovi is still a family-run company based in Northern Finland. All their products are made using high quality PEFC certified birch plywood from Finnish Forests, which are re-planted after felling. Lovi supports re-planting schemes in areas of the world affected by drought, erosion and floods: over 50 000 trees have been planted to date. 

Meipel Meet Lovi Finland Blog Architect Series
Meipel Meet Lovi Finland Blog Architect Series
Photo: Lovi Oy, Finland