Flensted Family owners of Flensted Mobiles

Brenderup, Denmark - 55°30'N 9°59'E

It all started back in 1953 when Christian Flensted assembled a mobile to celebrate the christening of his first daughter, Mette. He cut three storks out of cardboard, mounted them onto straws and there it was; the first Flensted mobile. This very first design showcasing the birds in flight is known as the "Danish Lucky Storks" mobile and it is still produced today.

At the time, the family worked as book editors, publishing the work of Hans Christian Andersen. The first few designs were inspired by his tales and a whole collection is today dedicated to Andersen's nearly 1500 paper cutouts. It is said that the author always carried a large pair of scissors when he went to dinner parties. In the middle of a conversation, he would produce the scissors, fold a piece of paper and move it deftly through the scissor’s blades.

Following the growing popularity of the Lucky Storks, Christian became known as the "Uromager", a name without an English equivalent, which means a "maker of mischievous things that are always on the move". The title fitted well with his ability to create beautiful classic designs, as well as fun and unique mobiles.

It took another year before the company was founded. At the time, Christian and Grethe were assembling the mobiles by themselves. As they could not keep up with the demand, they started to ask neighbours for help with the assembly. This is how the "home-worker" concept was integrated into the company. Today nearly 60 artisans work from home, carefully assembling and balancing the mobile before packing them in slim envelopes for delivery and protection.  

Flensted is located in Denmark on the Island of Funen, the birth place of author Hans Christian Andersen. Based in the village of Brenderup, it has taken residence in the former village school of "Frederiksminde".

Instead of having employees drive in to work every day, Flensted makes one visit to them every two weeks to exchange unassembled parts for mobiles packed and ready to ship. They estimate that this method of production saves more than 15 tons of fuel every year on top of providing an excellent work-life balance to their workforce.

Danish craftsmanship and quality is present in all mobiles designed by Flensted. Many people have called the company and said they have inherited a mobile. One customer even mentioned that she had inherited a Science Fiction mobile from her grandmother - who had had it for 30 years! In their home, the family has had the same mobile hanging for more than 20 years.