Do not soak or put your wood items in a dishwasher. Wipe clean with a mild soap and warm water if necessary, and dry off with a soft cloth. You can also hang your boards to dry using the hole in the handle!

From time to time, rub your wood item with our wood balm or another good quality board wax. You'll know when it's time as the wood will slowly loose its sheen.

If you wish, start with a light sand using a small piece of  sand paper (240 grit for boards). You will find a small piece to get you started in the care kit. Dry-wipe the dust.

Using a soft lint-free cloth to apply the wood balm, rub the wood in circular motion. 

Allow the oil and wax from the wood balm to penetrate the wood for about 30-60 minutes and polish it off using a dry lint-free cloth. The more your buff, the deeper the sheen you'll achieve.

A little tip for all of you Northerners! If you find that the wood balm is hard to scoop out of the tin, place it by a window in the sun for a few minutes, it will help soften the beeswax.

The surface of my wooden item has gotten fuzzy, why?

The natural fibres of the wood will naturally react to moisture and will raise to create a "furry or fuzzy" surface when in contact with water. That's totally normal and it will not affect the usability of your kitchenware. If you prefer a super soft finish, you can buff it back to its original smoothness by giving it a light sand - that's why there is a wood care kit included with all our products. Simply sand along the grain and apply a bit of wood balm to protect the wood