We value sustainability, natural materials and functional designs. These values drive our choices every day at Meipel. We collaborate with like-minded artisans and designers that are committed to making your home beautiful while respecting the environment and their workers. Only natural materials are used in our products, because we've seen what plastic does to our oceans.

Sustainability FAQ

We've seen first hand what plastic can do to the oceans and to all that lives in it. This is why we chose to carry products made of natural and renewable materials in our collection and to use eco-friendly packaging as much as possible. We also try to reduce over packaging while keeping your items safe.

You may receive a reused box. Cardboard boxes that arrive at our headquarters in good condition will likely go back on the road to deliver your next order. With a little care from the postal service, you too will be able to keep them going. Cardboard boxes that have had a harder time in transit are shredded and are repurposed as void filling material.

We're trying, but there is always a trade off to consider. For larger items, such as cushions or large blankets, it is likely that you will receive a polymailer bag. In that case, we chose a reduced carbon footprint.

Thin and durable, polymailers are much lighter than an oversized cardboard box. This means reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions. You can recycle these bags or remove the shipping label and use them again.

While we don't buy any new shipping supplies made of plastic, such as bubble wrap and other void filling materials, it's possible that you will receive some in your package. As we had it on hand, we simply decided it was best for the environment to keep them going for as long as possible before recycling them.